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Music teacher in Puebla, Mexico?

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Music teacher in Puebla, Mexico?

Saturday, July 30, 2011 6:51 PM
Author: Marriott Lib University of UT

The family of two of my students will be spending a year in Puebla, Mexico. Can anyone recommend clarinet and saxophone teachers for middle school and high school age students? Thank you. Karen Gardener


Sunday, July 31, 2011 2:32 AM
Author: Shad Frazier

I got in touch with a friend of mine who is an American clarinet teacher and musician living in Puebla. He may be able to help find a saxophone teacher as well. Gary Van Cott +++++++ Thanks for the message; that was very nice of you. Sure, I have some openings for clarinet lessons in Puebla. My information is as follows: Christopher Davis Clarinetist Director of International Programs and Music Programs, ARQUETOPIA FOUNDATION Director, LA CAMERATA DE CLARINETES JUVENIL DE MÉXICO E-mail email Arquetopia A.C., Fundación para el Desarrollo Privada 18 B Sur No. 4550 Unidad 22 de Septiembre/Colonia San Manuel Puebla de Zaragoza, Puebla 72560 MÉXICO Tel. (+52) 222 594 77 28

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