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Past NASA Conferences

In the alternating years that NASA does not have its Biennial Conference, each region hosts its own Regional Conference.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Regional Conferences at the national level, please work in conjunction with Nathan Mertens, NASA Director of Marketing at . For local sponsorship, you may work directly with your Conference Host.

The origins of the North American Saxophone Alliance date from the First World Saxophone Congress, held in Chicago in December of 1969. Following the lead of our colleagues in France, who created the Association of French Saxophonists in 1971, the North American Saxophone Alliance was established in 1976 under the leadership of Frederick Hemke. Since then, NASA has offered state, regional, and international conferences attracting many important saxophonists to present performances, lectures and master classes. NASA is the largest organization in the western hemisphere dedicated to the establishment of the saxophone as a medium of serious musical expression.

Saxophone Player
Year Location Host(s)  
2023 The University of Southern Mississippi Dannel Espinoza  
2020 Arizona State University Christopher Creviston  
2018 University of Cincinnati College James Bunte  
2016 Texas Tech University David Dees Photo Album
2014 University of Illinois Debra Richtmeyer & J. Michael Holmes Photo Album
2012 Arizona State University Timothy McAllister  
2010 University of Georgia Kenneth/Stephen Fischer  
2008 University of South Carolina Clifford Leaman  
2006 University of Iowa Kenneth Tse  
2004 University of North Carolina Steve Stusek  
2002 University of North Texas Eric Nestler  
2000 University of Arizona Kelland Thomas  
1998 Northwestern University Fredrick Hemke & Jonathan Helton  
1996 University of Florida Kandace Brooks  
1994 University of West Virginia David Hastings & Curtis Johnson