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Multiphonics in Lauba's Hard

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Multiphonics in Lauba's Hard

Monday, September 20, 2010 7:50 PM
Author: Not Found

Hello all! Couldn't tell if this post should be in Repertoire-Solo or Extended Technique, but I figured this sub-forum could use a little more love, so! In practicing Christian Lauba's "Hard," I've found that there are a few multiphonics that can't seem to work for me. For example, in the second system on the second page of the A.F.P. 2745 (the 1989 F.M. Fuzeau), there's a multiphonic notated with 1/2/3, 4, C3, and low Bb. Yet I can't anything out of this except a quarter-tone of sorts. I've been told that some of the notations for multiphonics are incorrect or will only work with certain horns (Yamaha vs. Selmer). Is it possible that the notation is incorrect or that there are variations of fingering for the same set of tones? Are there other sections where any of you have found multiphonics that didn't work or didn't seem to have correct notation? Any suggestions or light shed onto the subject would be warmly welcomed! Thanks, -Roger W


Wednesday, September 22, 2010 4:11 PM
Author: Andrew Janak

Hey Roger, I have been looking at some of Lauba's works as well and I have found in talking to other saxophonists that some of the fingerings on the multiphonics are indeed wrong (most likely a publisher error). While i am sure you already know this, there are a variety of publications you can use to find the proper fingerings for the multiphonics on Lauba's works. Try Londiex "Hello! Mr Sax" and Kientzy "Les Sons Multiples aux Saxophones." Often the correct fingerings will be found in one of these publications. Happy playing! Michael Christensen University of Oklahoma

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