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A Message from the President

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A Message from the President

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 12:03 AM
Author: richard ross

A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT 1/2/11 Members of the North American Saxophone Alliance: I would like to extend my appreciation to the NASA executive committee members that have completed their terms of office: Past-President Steven Stusek, Treasurer Andrew Dahlke, and Secretary James Umble. Steve has been an exceptional president and deserves special appreciation for providing six years of service, as do Andy and Jim for providing two years of service. Thank you very much! We welcome President-Elect Cliff Leaman, Secretary Eric Lau, and Treasurer Frank Bongiorno to the executive committee. Current Past-President Debra Richtmeyer and I will work to connect with and organize the new executive committee into a cohesive, effective team. Our new Treasurer and Secretary are currently collaborating with their previous counterparts to execute a smooth transition of information and documents. One of the first duties of the executive committee is to assist Tim McAllister with planning the NASA 2012 Biennial Conference at Arizona State University. The executive committee needs to find a new Director of Marketing/Advertising, since Cliff Leaman, former Director of Marketing/Advertising, has been elected to the office of President-Elect. We will also be communicating with NASA Webmaster Thomas Lowry about future changes to the NASA Website. In addition, the executive committee will continue to investigate the possibility of working with an outside management company to increase the effectiveness of our organization. Please enjoy the many NASA regional conferences that are available to you. They provide an excellent opportunity for sharing ideas, networking, performing, promoting new literature, developing awareness, and having fun with music! On behalf of the NASA Executive Committee, I would like to extend our best wishes for a Happy New Year. Sincerely, John Nichol President of the North American Saxophone Alliance


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