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Husa - Elegie et Rondeau

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Husa - Elegie et Rondeau

Friday, December 4, 2009 2:13 AM
Author: David Lewis

All, with some prodding from someone I will not mention (his initials are Griffin Campbell), I am sharing some slight corrections of the printed work + additional comments by Husa himself, from a letter from Husa which Charles Young sent him in the late 80's. Please let me know if you have questions or additions. 1. saxophone should have a trill four measures after 'A' in the elegie 2. sax note on the "and of 3" should be a d flat in the next measure 3. the sax part 7 measures and 9 measures after A in elegie, respectively, should be slurred (tenuto) 4. sax part should have an accent on the second trilled 8th note. 5. 3 measures after 'B' in elegie saxophone note should be an 8th note 'short' (Husa) 6. Question to Husa: 6 measures before K in the rondeau, the piano and sax have different dynamics - what were your intentions? Husa - you should be same; the marking in the piano part is better 7. 9 measures after 'M' upper saxophone note should be e# 8. 8 measures before G in rondeau, sax note d natural should be an 8th note 9. 7 measures after F, should left hand in the piano part should be c# Jeff P. Dalton


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