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Lacour - 28 Etudes...

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Lacour - 28 Etudes...

Thursday, April 9, 2009 2:40 PM
Author: Not Found

I never had any formal instruction on these etudes, but I use them regularly with my students. I saw this thread forum and had these etudes in my hands at the time. I'm interested to see if anyone has any additional errors in this method book. Etude #1 - m.32, 2nd note should be C natural. Etude #2 - m.26, 1st note should be C# (to maintain the sequence); also, this will make the 5th note of the same measure C# (it's missing the accidental for this mode anyway) The following is my interpretation - I think it makes more sense than the published notes: Etude #8 - m.24, the 4th and 7th notes should be C natural to continue the sequence of diminished 4ths/Major 3rds from m.23. Etude #8 - m. 25, the F on beat 3 should be F natural to continue the sequence. It's missing the natural sign as F# would carry through the measure. If anyone else has errata in this method book please pass them along.


Monday, April 13, 2009 2:51 AM
Author: Ethan Davenport

I worked on about half of the 28 with ER and have a few additional errata. First, however, it would seem that my printing is different from yours, Jeff. The errors you've identified are all printed correctly in my copy. I have no doubt your suggestion regarding Etude #8 is good and I'll look into it. In the meantime -- #2 -- m. 44: the first note should be E-sharp m. 51 : the seventh note is D-flat #5 -- m. 32: the last note is C #15 -- m. 25: slur beats 2 and 3 the same as beat 1 #17 -- m. 37: the second and fifth notes are A-sharp #21 -- m. 15: slur the first group the same as the surrounding measures Best regards, Thomas Liley

Monday, April 13, 2009 3:23 PM
Author: Not Found

Dr. Liley - the edition I have is part of Monsieur Fourmeau's collection with Billaudot. Your errors for #2 are corrected in my edition. #5, 15 and 21 still have the errata you mentioned. Your errata led me to look carefully at the rest of #15 and 17. #15 - m. 31 should be articulated the same as the previous 2 measures #15 - m. 32, something about the first beat leads me to believe that it refers to beat 3 in the previous 3 measures. So, it is my interpretation to perform m. 32 as G, F natural, D#, B and C. Only the first two notes should be slurred. #17 - mm. 37-38 are transpositions of mm. 33-34. In mm. 37-38, all a's should be sharp. In m. 37, the last note should be C double sharp (C# isn't even in this mode). There's a clarinettist at my university who just bought the clarinet version. Perhaps I can borrow her copy and study it for other ideas. JV

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