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Escapades recordings

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Escapades recordings

Sunday, April 26, 2009 2:53 AM
Author: Not Found

What are some good recordings of John Williams's Escapades with orchestra? How about with band?


Hi, I think its best to use
Sunday, April 26, 2009 3:29 PM
Author: Zelde Malevitz

Hi, I think its best to use the original soundtrack recording from "Catch Me If You Can" by John Williams: http://tinyurl.com/deflft. The orchestra recording follows the soundtrack fairly close in this order:

1) Catch Me If You Can
4) Recollections (The Father's Theme)
2) The Float

The saxophonist on this recording is Dan Higgins, a 30-year veteren and top call woodwind specialist on the LA recording scen. He also was the soloist any time John Williams performed his Escapades version in concert. Here's a link from an interesting article by Dan that tells about the actual recording session with John Williams:


As far as the band version, in my own opinion its much shorter and just okay. It contain the material in a similar order but is pretty watered down. One last thing, Dan Higgins is one of those brilliant musicians that we've all heard but never knew who it was since it's typically in a movie score, TV theme, etc. I found a series of YouTube posts of him and his son playing a variety of short tunes. Go to the link below and listen to any of the nine "Dan & Dusty Jam" videos.....Dan plays Tenor, clarinet, C-melody, curved soprano on these.


I hope this info helps! Roland Colsen

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