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2024 NASA Biennial Conference Competition Winners

Thanks to all who joined us Thursday-Sunday, March 14-17, 2024 for the NASA 2024 NASA Conference at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma.


Seek and Discover

We are excited to unveil the winners of our Biennial Competition. A special thanks to our judges for their expertise, the teachers for their unwavering support, and all participants for their exceptional talent and dedication. Congratulations to the winners listed below!!

Collegiate Solo

1st — Maria Torres Melgares
2nd — Austin Shilling
3rd — Uday Singh

Judges — Nate Bogert, Chien-Kwan Lin, Debra Richtmeyer

High School Solo

1st — Aayan Patel
2nd — Luke McCartney
3rd — Caden Helmer

Judges — Kendra Wheeler Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, Nathan Mertens


1st — Cadeaux Quartet
Philip Kleutgens, Yun Qu Tan, Brian Kachur, Natalia Warthen

2nd — Cypher Quartet
Matthew Hrinda, Sam Au-Yeung, Ian Briffa, Dykeem Cervantes

3rd — LOTUS
GianCarlo Lay, Johnathan Lee, Keegan Ewan, Jerick Meagher

Judges — Bob Eason, Shawn Seguin, Idit Shner


1st — Aenea Reed Quintet
Gabbie Wong, Daniel Kim, Dan Dauber, Stephen White, Ben Kearns

2nd — Tryptich
Ethan Roberts, Caleb Dodson, Tatiana Stratenco

3rd — Duo Ferula
Blake Adams, Kelli Ray

Judges — Jeremy Koch, Andrew Parker, Leo Saguiguit

HS Jazz

1st — Isaac Hanson

2nd — Kristian Greene

3rd — Andrew Wittmer

College Jazz

1st — Samuel Vaughn

2nd — Stefan Bello

3rd — Pablo Duque

Jazz Honorable Mention

AJ Huang

Jazz Judges: Alex Graham, Matt Olsen, Jordan VanHemert, Michael Shults, Vincent Norman, Jonathan Nichol, Evan Cobb, Jacob Rodriguez, Aaron Hill

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