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NASA 2020 Biennial Conference Presenter — Laurent Estoppey

Mark your calendars now to join us March 6-9, 2020 for the NASA 2020 Biennial Conference at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona.
— NASA Director of Marketing


Saxophone Player

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Name: Laurent Estoppey
Website: http://www.laurentestoppey.com
Presentation Date: Sunday, March 11, 2018 11:00 AM
Presentation Venue: 3250 MEH
Presentation Title: ALP-Stereophonic / LAUNCH #1
Type of Presentation: Professional Classical Chamber Music Performance
Proposal Duration: 20

Swiss saxophonist and composer established in Greensboro, Laurent Estoppey  plays in various ensembles, from chamber to orchestras.

Estoppey’s musical activity is divided between written music (he premiered more than 200 works by many composers) and improvisation. He performs throughout Switzerland, many European countries, as well as Russia, Canada, USA, Argentina, Guatemala and South Africa.

As a composer, Estoppey writes for concerts as well as for multimedia works (video, theater, dance), with a frequent use of electronics.

His discography contains more than twenty recordings.

Estoppey plays with – among others - Ikue Mori, Elliot Sharp, Anthony Coleman and Sylvie Courvoisier, and frequently collaborates with visual artists (amongst whom Xavier Veilhan and Christian Marclay).


Ensemble Bio:

Estoppey has developed the saxophone playing, mostly for contemporary music and improvisation, becoming a reference in both fields in Europe and the USA. Arturo Corrales has constantly explored electronics through his composition work, proposing – with enormous success – alternative ways to mix instrumental sound with computer.

After more than ten years of following each other activities, and waiting for an idea and an occasion to pop-up.

Launch #1 is neither ordinary saxophone, neither typical electronic sound : a dynamic duo playing both on scene, pushing the limits of music into dream-like spaces and strange architectures.

This presentation is the premier of this project, followed by concerts in the US and in Europe.

Other Performers / Participants

Name Instrument Bio
Arturo Corrales electronics same as composer  . . .

Pieces to Be Performed

Title Composer Duration
Launch #1 Arturo Corales 18