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NASA 2022 Biennial Conference Presenter — Kenneth Tse

Mark your calendars now to join us Thursday-Sunday, March 10-13, 2022 for the NASA 2022 Biennial Conference at Oklahoma State University, Greenwood School of Music in Stillwater, Oklahoma.


Saxophone Player

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Name: Kenneth Tse
Website: http://www.kenneth-tse.com
Presentation Date: Saturday, March 7, 2020 3:40 PM
Presentation Venue: Nelson Fine Arts Center Plaza
Presentation Title: Iowa Saxophonists' Workshop Concert
Type of Presentation: Large Saxophone Ensemble Performance
Proposal Duration: 20

Iowa Saxophonists' Workshop is directed by Dr. Kenneth Tse and involves select students from the saxophone studio playing sopranino through bass saxophones. The ensemble performs music of a variety of styles and difficulties and at times accompanies guest soloists. A public concert is given at the end of each school year. Besides local performances, the ensemble has also been featured at various regional and national conferences such as the Iowa Bandmasters Conference, North American Saxophone Alliance National Conference and the Midwest Clinic. The members are also veterans in solo and chamber music and have garnered national recognition through competitions, performances, and recordings. In summer of 2016, the ensemble embarked on its first Asian concert tour to Hong Kong and Chengdu.

Ensemble Bio:
SopraninoJohn Cummins
Soprano 1Gilbert Garza
Soprano 2Gabriel Sanchez
Soprano 2Jonathan Hart
Alto 1Elissa Kana
Alto 1Jichen Zhang
Alto 2Jacob Nishimura
Alto 2Miranda Henry
Tenor 1Greg Rife
Tenor 2Sean Miller
Tenor 2Katie Greiner
Bari 1Yo Yo Su
Bari 1Hantao Li
Bari 2Chengyue Wang
BassMatt Nicholson
TubaxDennis Kwok

Pieces to Be Performed

Title Composer Duration
Four Scottish Dances, Op. 59 Malcolm Arnold 10
Short Ride in a Fast Machine John Adams 5