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NASA 2022 Biennial Conference Presenter — Antonio Jarvey

Mark your calendars now to join us Thursday-Sunday, March 10-13, 2022 for the NASA 2022 Biennial Conference at Oklahoma State University, Greenwood School of Music in Stillwater, Oklahoma.


Saxophone Player
Name: Antonio Jarvey
Presentation Date: Sunday, March 8, 2020 3:25 PM
Presentation Venue: Gammage 209
Presentation Title: J. MICHAEL HOLMES: Idyllic Quartet - I Call To Remembrance My Song In The Night: A Reflection on David Maslanka
Type of Presentation: Master Class Participant
Proposal Duration: 8

This presentation is in full memory of David Maslanka, who gave countless amounts of hours to the University of Montana and brought the university to the international stage, with numerous world premieres and commissions. 

The Idyllic Quartet is brand new to this academic year, and was formed in the pursuit of presenting Maslanka's works directly from the source of where they were written. The quartet has a deep knowledge of Maslanka and continues to work with individuals who had a deepened focus on his works, including the individuals and groups who premiered them. In the end, the quartet was named after the idea and sense of peace that the music of David Maslanka gives, as an homage to his final wishes - to be at peace, with his music and wife. 

Pieces to Be Performed

Title Composer Duration
Peace David Maslanka 3
Recitation Book David Maslanka 5