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NASA 2022 Biennial Conference Presenter — John Nichol

Mark your calendars now to join us Thursday-Sunday, March 10-13, 2022 for the NASA 2022 Biennial Conference at Oklahoma State University, Greenwood School of Music in Stillwater, Oklahoma.


Saxophone Player

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Name: John Nichol
Presentation Date: Monday, March 9, 2020 11:40 PM
Presentation Venue: Katzin Concert Hall
Presentation Title: John Nichol Performs Marais and O'Riordan
Type of Presentation: Professional Classical Solo Performance
Proposal Duration: 17

John Nichol is Professor of Saxophone at Central Michigan University and has performed at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Montreaux, Switzerland (1997), the North Sea Jazz Festival (1997) and the Ford Detroit International Jazz Festival (2000, 2001, 2002). Professor Nichol has also performed by invitation at eight World Saxophone Congresses: Chicago, Illinois (1979), Nuremberg, Germany (1982), Kawasaki, Japan (1988), Valencia, Spain (1997) and Montreal, Canada (2000), Minneapolis, Minnesota (2003), St. Andrews, Scotland (2012), Strasbourg, France (2015), and Zagreb, Croatia (2018). Professor Nichol has performed with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, the Harry James Orchestra, the Nelson Riddle Orchestra. Nichol can be heard on Flights of Fancy (Centaur Recording, 2003), Caught in the Act (White Pine Music, 2007), Woodwind Echoes (White Pine Recording, 2008), and Conspiracy Theory (White Pine Music, 2010).   Professor Nichol is a Yamaha Performing Artist, a Vandoren Artist, and is a Past President of the North American Saxophone Alliance.


Other Performers / Participants


Hannah Creviston



Hannah Creviston is an Assistant Professor of Music at the School of Music at Arizona State University. She is world renown and recognized at the highest level as a soloist, accompanist, and published author. Hannah performs regularly in a duo with her husband, Christopher Creviston. They have recorded professionally together and have performed worldwide, promoting saxophone art music with piano.



Pieces to Be Performed

Title Composer Duration
Five Old French Dances Marin Marais 5
Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano Kirk O'Riordan 12